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Wonder what the year has in store for you? The year will be the Year of The Pig. For Yearly forecast read Leo Horoscope. Overview Specs. Leo Zodiac Sign - Leo dates - Leo symbol - Leo traits - Leo quotes - Leo star sign - Leo constellation - Leo personality - Leo characteristics - Leo wallpaper Leo compatibility Leo compatibility horoscope will help you understand your relationships with other Zodiac signs. Wishing Leo happiness and success!

How can you tell if an Android app is safe? Publisher's Description. It is important for the Leo to check the horoscope on occasion to see what the future period may hold energetically. Perhaps it will be best to postpone large enterprises and activities to next week. Alternatively, perhaps, now is the crucial moment to execute the most important of plans. The Sun is not the only planet that has an effect on the Leo. Pluto is its planet exalt - means it is responsible for nothing but being a backup ally, providing the supporting passive energy necessary for the Leo to withstand its foes.

Celestially, the Leo has enough foes as it is. Uranus, the planet responsible for the "expulsion" of the Leo sign, is a planet shrouded in mystery with ambiguous but usually negative effects on the Leo's life. So is Mercury, responsible for its "fall". You monitor your competition in the real world, so it might make sense to control the enemies fighting for your energy and luck as well. On the other hand, since you cannot control them - at least, through a horoscope you can know their moves ahead of time.

Leo Monthly Horoscope. Horoscopes for Leo. Comments: Leo Monthly Horoscope. Golden Tiger We LeoTigers may be dangerous, but as big cats we got 18 lives! How about that? Thanks, esp Rose. I will be very glad to read from u. Jessica I'm homeless and I need a place to stay will they call me this week.

Heavyshka We where both 29 of july but she left becauce of smoking and i love her alot it's been a year since she left me but my love for her don't change my dream was to spend the rest of my life with her never think of anythng so any idea to get her back,she always in my mind. Rose How come this for November Was there no November prediction?

Shine This year up n down for me emotional wise I am married not happy met this handsome Leo who is married fell in love but he love his wife n he does not show any emotion towards me but he know I like him a lot shower him with gifts n we have sex but he realize that is not fair for his wife n he started to distant me n he did not want to hurt me trying to maintain close friend but it's so hard for me for I wanted him so bad we worked together I understand n try to act cool but deep down inside me is hurting so bad any advise don't ask me to quit I need this job trying to act like it does not bother me n I know he look for me when I know he is avoiding me sad.

Gayatri Dear cherish whatever good time you spent with him. Do not force yourself to him. Apne aap ko sambhalo and move forward in life. Maintain a good friendly relationship with him if possible for you or else treat him like everyone else. That's it.

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Remember true lover is Lord Krishna. He shall love you forever and take care of you. StarLight Love him unconditionally without expectation. That is the best you can do.

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Jane For all those moaning and groaning about your lives, let me tell you a story. I am 24yrs old I lost my mother to cancer in - the worst experience I have ever endured, I basically watched her crumble, slowly and painfully and I couldn't do a thing! There were 6 of us in my family. SO before you go around wining and moaning about how much your life suxs and how bad your financial or career situation is, think about all the good things you have. Pick your sloppy sulky shit up and make something good out of it!

BS It is a 7 of us in my family. Shut your mouth up. A mighty male LEO. Denise Yep. I agree with you. Hang in there. Its your turn to be that rock. You can do this. I almost lost my life recently, because I suffered a seizure and minor heart attack while driving in the car with my daughter. When I was in the hospitalized they found a tumor on my brain that was removed within a couple of weeks because it was putting pressure on an arterie. I started working again part time 2 weeks after coming home from the hospital 4 days I'm a single mom.

I cant count on anyone but myself to pay my bills. I am also healing at a miraculous speed. I told myself that I cant afford to be sick. I love my life.

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I found it in January and only read the months. At first i found it creepy because it was so accurate to what was going on in my life. Now i find it comforting that maybe there is something out there that pushes us and pulls us back without ever being seen only felt. Like sailors we live and die by the wind. To my dear fellow Leo's- Embrace that we are different and share it with the world. Roxana I like your comment Being positive is the only way!!! Marian Why do I always have disappointment in relationship and find difficult to have help from people.

Do I as Leo deserve that. They will dissappoint you every time. Stop putting such lofty expectations on others and it will be easier to bear. Trust me! It got better for me. Allowing help translates to you although not true that you are not capable Sometimes it takes a vacation when you don't listen or you go through a great deal of pain and anguish Ask your soul to return tell it that you need its help!

It is your luck and your guidence, your strength and your essence Richard Will i find a job this month and next?

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Dawn Man, this probably is selfish but I'm glad I'm not alone in this crappy stretch of character building. Lost job due to disability. Have been lied to and robbed by the last 3 friends I had. I decided I don't mind being alone. Yes, I was robbed by a "friend" I had over when i was in the bathroom. None of these people are allowed back and 1 just got out of prison one is on her way and the last one can't be far from her turn!

I'm ready for honesty and integrity to return in the people I meet!! Anne DDawn. When was this? I dreamt of you. Your situation I dreampt it last Tuesday Early hours of Monday the 15th.

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Chris You need to quit playing the victim and realize you role in what happened to you. Make better choices and you will reap better results.

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Really tho, how are you gonna wish prison on someone just because the two of you didn't get along. Do you have proof that these people stole from you. Leo are such narcissistic people. Try caring for someone other that your self and you said it best, misery loves company.

Zippy You need to all make sure another knucklehead doesn't get into the whitehouse.. Barricade the doors Do not let Hillary in